Pascale Maternity & Family Photos April 28, 2012

Well, today is officially the due date for #5!  Any minute now… literally.  Bags are packed, baby sitters set up, gas in the car topped off, spicy food eaten and regretted, tums, tums, tums.  WE ARE READY!  WE!  ARE!  READY!

That being said we decided to take a few (very last minute) photos (yesterday).  Elise made shirts for the kids and we walked down the street to the park.  Enjoy and stay tuned for Maria’s welcome to the world post to come soon.  Keep us in your prayers for a healthy labor and delivery for Mom and Maria.


Marcus Turns 1: Family Portrait Session April 19, 2012

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to take a few pictures of Marcus.  John & Lisa asked me to take maternity pictures about a year ago and I was super excited to be able to capture a few more just after his first birthday.  Enjoy!


Blaine + Jaclyn: Newport Beach Engagement Photography March 29, 2012

As promised, I AM POSTING, woohoo!  (that “woohoo was mostly for myself)  Ok, so I got an email from Jaclyn inquiring about engagement photos and I see in her signature line, that she happens to be a dance instructor at the gymnastics studio my kids go to.  Soooo I figured (“assumed”, would not be the best choice of words at this time) that Elise (my wife and biggest fan) must have talked to her about my business.  AND since I just happened to be heading that way to see my kids at their tumbling, I figured (again, “assumed” would be a bad choice of words) I could just stop in and introduce myself.  ME, the person that my wife had already talked to her about. 

Let’s just say, thank the Good Lord that I was able to improve upon my first impression, because stalker is pretty much what came across.  “This is my work!” Jaclyn exclaimed.  Well, after a few minutes of explaination and literally grabbing a few of my kids halfway through a tumble and showing them to her, “Yes, these are my kids and they do go here, I promise” I was able to redeem myself.  We had a good laugh and in short order we were off to Newport Beach Fun Zone and Balboa Island for some engagement fun. 

So, the moral of this story… I am NOT a stalker, I promise.  Thank you Jaclyn & Blaine for putting your trust in me.  Enjoy.


Andrew + Angela: Melbourne Australia Wedding March 20, 2012

In May of 1997 I met a man from New Zealand who would change my life forever.  Andrew and I were missionaries and we were determined to change the world.  We were invincible (with a little help that is, from the big man upstairs), Invincible!  The memories we made are endless and their stories have shaped who I have become. 

Last year my good friend gave me a call and asked me to shoot his wedding… IN AUSTRALIA!  Rough life huh?  Nice.  Now it isn’t New Zealand but close enough.  (Andy paid me in good Kiwi cash to put that comment in).  On the first of the year, 2012, I flew out to Melbourne and stayed for 8 incredible days.  I had an amazing time with an amazing group of people.  Andy is 1 of 7 boys (3 of which are Catholic priests) and Angela is 1 of 10.  Two BIG amazing families came together and people flew in from literally all over the world (California, New York, Poland, New Zealand, Italy, etc.)  Their nuptial mass was celebrated at St Anthony of Padua’s Catholic Church and the two became one.  This one goes down in the books, and will never be forgotten.

Andrew and Angela, thank you.

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