Matthew + Lauren: Thousand Oaks, CA Wedding (Part 1) February 4, 2014

Matthew & Lauren’s Four Seasons wedding was perfect!  Enjoy part 1, part 2 to come soon, so check back!  Thanks for asking me to be a part!

Thanks to the amazing Brian Fletcher for 2nd shooting. He actually shot with a broken foot and a cast on. Commitment.

Peter + Rachel: NYC Wedding (Part 2) January 8, 2014

Peter + Rachel’s NYC/Brooklyn Wedding Part 2! Enjoy!!  I was honored to be a part of this incredible day.  Just a little side note, never in all the weddings I have shot, have I encountered a bride so relaxed and comfortable with the day, the preparation and getting ready, the trip to the church (where she stopped a block short for a hot tea to warm up).  Not a single bit of nerves.  You could see clearly, like a glove or hat that fits just right, that Peter & Rachel were truly in love, everything was right.  Thanks again to Ryan Walsh for his help second shooting!


Peter + Rachel: NYC Wedding (Part 1) November 20, 2013

Peter & Rachel’s NYC wedding was incredible.  Mass in Manhattan and reception in Brooklyn!  You may recall Peter’s sisters wedding the year before, also in NYC.  Let me just say, I LOVE THE BREMBERGS!  YOU GUYS ROCK!  This is Part 1 of 2.  More to come!  Enjoy!  My comrad in arms on this one was the amazing 2nd shooter, Ryan Walsh.

(P.S. thanks for not giving me a hard time with the fact that i’m a year late on this post)

Wednesday’s Waffle: Weddings April 10, 2013

“Why ‘waffle’?”, you say.  Why not?!  Who doesn’t like waffles?  Smothered with butter and syrup…  To quote Lucille Ball, “they’re wonderful wonderful wonderful!” (Vitameatavegamin…seeing this episode is another must-do).  This is how good our Wednesday deals are!