John Pascale Photography is based out of Orange County California.  Shooting weddings professionally for over 4 years now, my goal is to help make your wedding day relaxed and fun, while not missing a beat.  Married myself, with my fifth child on the way, I know how amazing marriage is.  I believe it’s a blessing and a gift from God and it’s for this reason, I always feel honored to document this new beginning of two people’s lives.

I’m originally from the East Coast, the Jersey Shore to be specific and i’m Italian thru and thru.  That being said, I have not, and will not watch that blasted show (Take that, Jersey Shore!!)  I’ve had a camera in my hands since I was in high school when my buddy and I would shoot a couple rolls of 35mm and head back to his dark room, spill chemicals all over ourselves and “create”.  I spent four years at a small Catholic University in Ohio, where I was the university newspaper and athletic photographer.  This is also where I some how managed to convince my beautiful girl friend to become my bride.

We moved to Orange County California, got married and started our life together.  Now, eight amazing years into our marriage, we are expecting our fifth child (1 boy and 4 girls)!  God has been good.

As a photographer, I shoot with a Canon 5d mark II and I ALWAYS bring back up gear.  I prefer to use natural light when I shoot with a little fill flash here and there.  My studio is located at the beach you swim at, the park you play at, the rocks you climb, the Church you attend, your home, the back bay where you had your first kiss, and any other place that’s important to you.  I love getting creative and trying new things and every once in a while I end up breaking a rib (ask me about that one later).  I’m happy to climb a tree and would love it if you’d join me.  The view can be great up there!

Your Photo Proofing Gallery can be found HERE and I use WHCC for all my prints, mounts, and canvas wraps.  As far as I am concerned, WHCC is the best!

Albums included in packages are through Leather Craftsmen but I also offer albums through Queensberry, so let me know if you want to upgrade.

Thanks so much for stopping by and drop me a line anytime if you have any questions or just fill out the contact form if you need a pricing sheet.  Enjoy!