Peter + Rachel: NYC Wedding (Part 2) January 8, 2014

Peter + Rachel’s NYC/Brooklyn Wedding Part 2! Enjoy!!  I was honored to be a part of this incredible day.  Just a little side note, never in all the weddings I have shot, have I encountered a bride so relaxed and comfortable with the day, the preparation and getting ready, the trip to the church (where she stopped a block short for a hot tea to warm up).  Not a single bit of nerves.  You could see clearly, like a glove or hat that fits just right, that Peter & Rachel were truly in love, everything was right.  Thanks again to Ryan Walsh for his help second shooting!


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  1. John Pascale Sr

    John, I showed the wedding pictures to one of our care givers for joe. He said when he gets married he’s going to hire you. We’ll get you to Alabama

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