Monday’s Moment: Family… I’m “the Mrs.” February 25, 2013

So…I got the job! Yes, I am the newest employee of John Pascale Photography. For those of you who don’t know me,  I’m Elise. I like to refer to myself as the “neck” that turns “the head”. (If you haven’t seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding that is your newest “must do”.)

All pretentiousness aside, I’m very excited to be sharing this part of John’s world. When you’ve got 5 babes (like we do) pulling you in different directions (like they are) having a common denominator (other than those said 5 babes) is always a good thing.

Every Monday I will be posting “Monday’s Moment”. It has been said (by whom I’m not sure) that making a big life change is scary…well, I am a bit scared. Me and the internet/technology have never been the best of friends. I am going to take the bull by the horns though and face my fear instead of deal with what could turn into regret. Brace yourselves: I have no idea what is in store.

No matter what may come, make it a great day!

9 Responses to Monday’s Moment: Family… I’m “the Mrs.”

  1. Jen Cortez

    LOVE IT!!!!!

  2. Dawn Pisciotta

    Yay, sounds fun and you are perfect for the job Congratulations! xoxox

  3. Dad

    Elise, You’ll do great. He’s lucky to have you.

  4. Awesome Elise!!! You are perfect for this! I just re-started a blog recently too. I’ll definitely be checking in on Monday’s. 🙂 love u friend!

  5. LWipplerRN

    You will be Marvelous!!!! I’m not sure how many others he interviewed for the position but I am confident he made the best possible decision 😉 Congrats to you both!

  6. jen waraksa

    Hey, you should plan a big NJ shoot,just sayin…xoxoxo miss you guys.

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